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Kaptivium allows companies to set up guest WiFi networks. Grant Guest WiFi access through password-based access, open access, and captive portals for paid or free WiFi.

Take control of your networks and Guest WiFi users while making your WiFi hotspots profitable. With Kaptivium, you can customize the splash page the user sees before connecting to your network. Run ads on your splash pages and bring to light your promotions, use social media channels as authentication method, use the couponing system for paid WiFi and collect users’ data to run marketing campaigns.

Improve network security with Kaptivium. Allow guests to connect and navigate the Internet, use social media channels, check emails or streaming video, and more, all the while your data and networks remain private and secure. Furthermore, compromised guest devices will not infect any other networks, files, and programs.

Kaptivium can be enabled seamlessly on any compatible device. Manage and monitor the guest WiFi experience in the cloud.

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